Midterms Survival Guide

Hey friends! It’s that time of the semester when everything gets real, so I thought we could band together to make it a bit more bearable. Here are my top tips for surviving midterms:

  1. Create Your Study Space
I always find that I am 100x more productive when I am comfortable where I’m working! Whether that means hitting up your favorite coffee shop (coffee is key too) or making your own little utopia at home, you do you! Light a candle and learn, my friends – or not if you’re living on campus.
  1. Make a Playlist
I find that I study wayyy better with my favorite music in the background! I like to create my own playlists with all my favorite songs for different moods – one being “studying” – to help me get in the zone. Throw in some John Mayer and Penny & Sparrow and you’re golden. It has also been proven that listening to classical music can boost your awareness, so give that a shot as well!
  1. Caffeine!!
I am the firsts to admit that I have a slight coffee addiction, but sometimes caffeine is just necessary. I say that if you’re working hard, you deserve a latte! I recently got my own milk frother and syrup, which I would HIGHLY recommend – it will seriously save you so much money. Amazon prime yourself one and thank me later.
  1. Take Breaks

While it can be tempting to just plow through, I find that my studying is much more effective when I give myself a break to mentally reset! My go-to is either Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights, but you do you. It can also be nice to get some fresh air and step outside!

  1. Believe In Yourself

It’s true. My mom always told me that no matter what the obstacle is, you can accomplish anything if you work hard. You are 100% equipped for what is ahead of you, whether that be a crazy test or other things in your life. Be assured and rest in the peace that the Lord will not give you anything you cannot handle, and He is at your side to help you. His yoke is easy and burden is so light. Lean on Him, or maybe even just give Him a little more thought in the craziness that is college life!

     6. Retail Therapy

And if all else fails…go shopping. We’ve got so many cute new pieces up on our site so if you do need some retail therapy, we have you covered!
October 12, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

Cozy Clothes For Fall

Hey guys, happy October! October means fall and fall is my favorite season of them all. Summer is great for lake days, cute swimsuits, and most importantly no school but fall takes the cake. Fall means cute sweaters, layers, and my favorite part, the boots! I am so excited that Everest has released new fall clothes and I can’t wait for even more! To me, fall is where fashion meets comfort and we can be cozy all season long. Today, I wanted to share with everyone how to be trendy in cozy clothes from the new fall collection and why you need them in your closet.

The Reese Sweater is an absolute must-have. Not only is it super soft and cozy, it’s the perfect color! Light pink has almost become a neutral over the past couple months so you can literally pair this with anything. The v-neck and choker detail are so in right now so you’ll be the trendiest girl around. Pair it with a cute pair of jeans or your favorite pair of leggings and a cute pair of booties or trendy riding boots. It’s the perfect sweater to dress up for date night or snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite rom com.

One of my favorite pieces from this collection is the K, Bye Sweatshirt. I’m obsessed with anything that has cute little sayings on them so this sweatshirt is everything. And can we talk about the cute cut out at the top?! Ugh, so in love. Again, the light pink is pretty much a neutral and it’s the perfect crewneck to go with just about anything. While it may not be as easy to dress up as the Reese sweater, it’s so cozy and makes me want to curl up and nap. This sweatshirt is something everyone needs in their closet this fall.

The last item in my “cozy clothes” collection is Bordeaux Sweatshirt. Where do I even begin with this? It is one of the coolest sweatshirts I’ve ever seen before in my life. Not only is it super cozy, soft, and warm, the shoulder cutout and the distressed look in the corners make it eye-catching. Trust me when I say this sweatshirt is a statement piece, everyone will want to know where you got it! Not to mention, burgundy is one of my favorite fall colors. This sweatshirt looks great fitted or oversized so make sure ya’ll get one ASAP.

I hope I have helped and inspired you all in creating your fall outfits. I am so excited October is here. I don’t care if it still feels like summer down here in Nashville, catch me in oversized sweatshirts, and cozy sweaters until spring. GET PUMPED fall is upon us at Everest & Co. and hopefully, you’ll join us in our excitement.

Catch ya in 2 weeks ya’ll!


October 05, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

5 Fall Must Haves

As September is coming to an end and the temperatures are slowly but surely dropping, I have found that all I want to look (and wear) at is cozy sweaters with a PSL in my hand – too bad it’s still 85 in Nashville. BUT we are getting closer to fall, so I thought it would be a perfect time to round up some of my favorite fall pieces from Everest!
September 29, 2017 — Ashley Wilson
Meet Our Interns - Rachel & Kathleen

Meet Our Interns - Rachel & Kathleen

I could not be more excited to have these two ladies on our Everest & Co. Team. When I started looking for interns for the fall, I knew two things I needed in someone - a great personality and a 'get shit done' mentality. I got so lucky that I ended up adding these two ladies instead of just one. I'd love for you to get to know these awesome girls that work so hard behind the scenes!

Meet Rachel

Hey friends! My name is Rachel, and I am so excited to be interning for Everest! (an internship that’s all about cute clothes? Count me in!) I’m working on the College Rep program as well as some graphic design, photography, and the blog! Since I’ll be blogging on here, I thought it might be good for us to get to know each other a little bit!

            I am currently in school at Belmont University in Nashville where I am studying Art Education. It’s always been my dream to do something in the arts whether it be fashion, interior design, photography, or literally anything… but I also just really love kids! I loved my teachers and school growing up – I’m a nerd – and my goal is to love and influence my future kiddos as my amazing teachers did for me. I could go on.

Everest is basically my dream internship though; I get to do everything my crazy creative mind could ever think of! I’m originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, and loved growing up in the Smokies. Outside of school, I love hiking, my photography business, my involvement as a YoungLife leader, getting to be a camp counselor for Sky Ranch, participating in Delight Ministries, and volunteering with local schools’ art programs! And my friends and lots of food – those are good things too. Here are a few more fun facts about me:

  1. I am very passionate about dogs
  2. All I need is a cup of tea and a book
  3. I love the outdoors – the mountains are my happy place
  4. Nordstrom is also my happy place
  5. I know every word to all the Disney songs. Try me.

Meet Kathleen

Born and raised in the farmlands of Wisconsin, how the hell did I end up in Nashville? Let’s rewind.

I’m from the north east part of Wisconsin, near Green Bay if you know where that is. If not, you may be familiar with a football team called the Green Bay Packers, if not, we can’t be friends. Anyway yeah, I live near them. My town is called Appleton, and before you ask, no, we don’t have a lot of apples. We pride ourselves on cheese and beer, which is fitting since 7 of the drunkest cities in America are in Wisconsin (Appleton being #3). I’m a Wisconsinite at heart, but let’s just say, I had to get out. So on to Nashville it was.

I decided to come to Belmont University as a Music Business major and a photography minor. Nashville is pretty dope if you ask me. I mean if you ignore the 90 degree weather with 80% humidity until well into October. Home of country music and hipsters, Nashville is honestly (I’m sorry this is so cliche) a big city with a small town feel.

Anyway enough about me and on to why you are reading this about me. I am one of the new interns for Everest & Company and I’m here to write some blog posts, take some pictures, and work on some social media posts.

Working for Everest has been amazing so far and I can’t wait to see where it leads me. It combines my love for fashion, photography, and social media (can you tell I’m a millennial lol). My girlies here are amazing and the clothes are so cute! I’m excited to be here, writing blog posts about my messy, crazy, life and sharing my love of clothing with you all. Thanks for having me on the Everest team and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Show Kathleen @kschreibes_ and Rachel @rachelvandoren some love on Instagram!



September 21, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

Behind The Line: Abby Floyd Collection

Hey everyone!

We have had such great feedback about our summer collection with former Miss Arkansas Abby Floyd, and I just wanted to give y'all a glimpse of how the collection came to be!

Rewind To February

Abby reached out to us about doing a potential collaboration together in the middle of February. She just so happened to be in Nashville that week, so I emailed her back and we decided we had to grab coffee and chat about collab ideas!

I have always had the idea to do a full collection for a season with an influencer or blogger, but the stars never aligned to actually do it. I told Abby about the idea and my vision of what it could be, and she immediately loved it and we started brainstorming.

I was so excited I literally created the logo for the collection a month before we had even bought the clothes. Logos are my favorite thing to do and we loved how it turned out!

Fast Forward To April

I headed to market in April in Atlanta and Abby graciously agreed to be glued to her phone for the next two days as I sorted through hundreds of brands and looks to send her for her line. Thanks to the power of technology, we literally created this collection all over the phone which was perfect since Abby's work schedule keeps her busy and traveling!

Over the next two days, we narrowed down the collection and all we had to do was wait for them to arrive!

Now It's May

It took about a month for all of her pieces to arrive from market and then the real planning began. I ordered special price tags for the collection and we started reaching out to photographers in Nashville for the photo-shoot.

I sent Abby some of Rachel Deeb's work and Abby immediately was set on Rachel. We scheduled the shoot for the next week and locked down the launch date of May 26th! 

The photo-shoot was amazing and the weather was perfect! (Those who live in Nashville know that May is humid, hot and usually rainy so we really lucked out!) We went over to an area called 12th South first and got some really cool lifestyle photos. We then drove out to Antioch and found a great field to take photos in. Apple & Oak let us borrow these amazing rugs for the shoot and we used a lot of them out in that field. We wrapped up the shoot in the Gulch and our hearts were happy and we were all ready for a nap!

Crunch Time

I then scheduled my stock photo shoot (fun fact: I take the majority of my stock photos myself!) with the lovely Jessica who is just a dream to work with. We actually shot the whole summer line in about 4 hours in addition to Abby's collection - we cranked it out!

I edited the photos, uploaded them all to the site and then we were ready for launch day!

I also created some graphics for some teasers for Instagram and Instagram stories and then the rest is history!

I thought it would be cool for y'all to hear how a collaboration like this came together over the course of 3 months and all the little steps in the process. Abby was a complete joy to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better first collaboration line. Thanks for all your love for this line so far! If you want more posts like this about the behind the scenes let me know!

All my love,


June 05, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

Meet Abby - Episode 004: Life At The Top Podcast

Hey everyone!

Our fourth episode of our Life At The Top Podcast is now live! 



Today, we meet Abby Floyd who was recently Miss Arkansas and made it all the way to the top ten at last year's Miss USA pageant. Abby also teamed up with Everest & Co. to launch her new summer clothing collection full of bohemian-inspired styles. Abby shares how she learned to never give up while competing in pageants, the stigma that might come along with the pageant world and how she found her best friends in the girls competing beside her. Abby is constantly traveling and finding out what this new chapter in Nashville has in store for her. Want to know what a Miss USA contestant approved clothing line looks like? Click here!

Listen to 004: Meet Abby - From Miss Arkansas to Her Summer Clothing Line

In this episode, you will get a behind the scenes view of competing for Miss USA, learn how to handle the comparison game, and how to close one chapter of your life and move on to the next.

Thanks for listening everyone!



June 01, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

Meet Nicole - Episode 003: Life At The Top Podcast

Hey hey!

It's podcast day! Episode 3 is now live and today, we meet Nicole Burkhardt who has conquered the scary task of moving to new cities where she didn't know anyone. Nicole shares her story of how she decided to take a leap and leave everything she knew after college for a job in North Carolina. But she didn't stop there, she then moved to Columbus with her brother and they started a hilarious food podcast called IBSIBS. All throughout this journey, Nicole has had a long distance relationship and she gives advice about how to make it work despite the states in between them.

Say hey to Nicole!

In this episode, you will learn how to just "pick a place and then go," how to handle a long distance relationship while moving to new places, and how to stay open minded for what the future has to offer.

Listen to 003: Meet Nicole - Three Different Cities In Two Years here:


Let us know your thoughts on the podcast! We will be releasing a new episode every other Wednesday. If you want to be on the podcast just email me at info@everestandcompany.com!


May 17, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

Real Talk: Fill Each Other's Buckets

The other day I was walking across the Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Nashville and a pregnant mother with three kids was walking towards me. The little girl was trying to keep up and called her brother a loser. The mom immediately said, “Don’t call your brother a loser. Fill each other’s buckets. Don’t make people feel less.”
May 15, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

Real Talk: We Need A Break

We are all so hard on ourselves. We tell ourselves we need to get up early and workout before work or class, then be our best and kick ass during the day all while criticizing ourselves for still not being good enough. It is so hard to do this day in and day out without just feeling mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

May 08, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

Our Life At The Top Podcast Is Live!

We are beyond excited to announce our new Life At The Top podcast! This podcast isn't about fashion. Instead, we get to know the customers behind the brand and hear their stories of living life outside their comfort zone. Get ready to be inspired, laugh and hear journies of women you can relate to.
May 03, 2017 — Ashley Wilson