It’s not you, it’s me. Mentally, physically and emotionally - sometimes you just need a break. We are all so hard on ourselves. We tell ourselves we need to get up early and workout before work or class, then be our best and kick ass during the day all while criticizing ourselves for still not being good enough. It is so hard to do this day in and day out without just feeling mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.
I tell everyone else that they should give themselves a break because they have been working so hard, but I never take my own advice. I rarely workout so that really isn’t a problem for me to take a break from (lol) but the part I didn’t realize about running my own business is the mental capacity it would take up. I am constantly thinking about Everest & Co.. This is great because it means I am so passionate about it, but it also makes me get in the way of myself and my creativity.
The past month, I have felt really burnt out and in a funk. It is extremely hard to be creative when you feel uninspired and down on yourself. I wasn’t feeling burnt out like I was doing too much work during the day because I absolutely love the tasks I get to do each day for Everest. I was more mentally burnt out. I would scroll through social media and just get down on myself because I wasn’t creating things as fast as others. I was also comparing myself and my business to businesses that have been open for 5-10 years. Doing that is not fair to my business or to myself.
So my boyfriend and I packed up last week and drove up from Nashville to my family lake house in Pennsylvania. A much needed break for him, and a much needed mental reset for me. Here's a picture of my puppy Sydney in a life jacket because it's too cute not to share!

I finally picked up a few books I’ve been meaning to read - one being Girl Code. I finished the book in about 4 hours while laying out in the sun, and the main section that jumped out at me was the “comparison game” section. I am going to do a whole post on this because it is something that is so hard to deal with.
The most important thing I learned is when you see something that might induce some jealousy or comparison, take a step back and realize how different your journey is from their journey. Once you don’t just take the photo or post for face value, you bring it to a more relatable place realize that they might have been in your shoes at one point. Then support them. Congratulate people on their successes and help people during their hard times. Just doing this for the past couple day, I have seriously noticed a change in attitude. While I’m scrolling, I’m not activating negative self-talk, I’m inspired by others.
Being hard on yourself is a good way to motivate yourself and be the best you can be, but it really can take its toll. Sometimes it’s okay to do nothing. Take a break, stop comparing and don’t be your worst critic - be your biggest fan.



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May 08, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

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