Just a little story for today.

The other day I was walking across the Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Nashville and a pregnant mother with three kids was walking towards me. The little girl was trying to keep up and called her brother a loser. The mom immediately said, “Don’t call your brother a loser. Fill each other’s buckets. Don’t make people feel less.”


I was just a bystander, but I couldn’t believe how simply that woman just gave her daughter a small life lesson in three sentences. It is something I think we all need to try to do. We think if we simply only put water in our own bucket, it will overflow and make everyone jealous. Instead, if you and ten other people all fill each other’s buckets, it will fill up much faster and be more rewarding.

I can’t count the times that people have made me feel less than what I am. I’ve admittedly done the same to others. Either way, it doesn’t make you feel good. Making others feel less doesn’t make you better. That’s why I like the little entrepreneurial community in Nashville. Everyone wants to genuinely support each other and help everyone’s buckets overflow with happiness and success.

I just thought on this Monday, this little story is something to think about. Go into the week making others feel whole and supported. I bet by the end of the week, you’ll end up feeling better about yourself.



May 15, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

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