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Midterms Survival Guide

Hey friends! It’s that time of the semester when everything gets real, so I thought we could band together to make it a bit more bearable. Here are my top tips for surviving midterms:

  1. Create Your Study Space
I always find that I am 100x more productive when I am comfortable where I’m working! Whether that means hitting up your favorite coffee shop (coffee is key too) or making your own little utopia at home, you do you! Light a candle and learn, my friends – or not if you’re living on campus.
  1. Make a Playlist
I find that I study wayyy better with my favorite music in the background! I like to create my own playlists with all my favorite songs for different moods – one being “studying” – to help me get in the zone. Throw in some John Mayer and Penny & Sparrow and you’re golden. It has also been proven that listening to classical music can boost your awareness, so give that a shot as well!
  1. Caffeine!!
I am the firsts to admit that I have a slight coffee addiction, but sometimes caffeine is just necessary. I say that if you’re working hard, you deserve a latte! I recently got my own milk frother and syrup, which I would HIGHLY recommend – it will seriously save you so much money. Amazon prime yourself one and thank me later.
  1. Take Breaks

While it can be tempting to just plow through, I find that my studying is much more effective when I give myself a break to mentally reset! My go-to is either Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights, but you do you. It can also be nice to get some fresh air and step outside!

  1. Believe In Yourself

It’s true. My mom always told me that no matter what the obstacle is, you can accomplish anything if you work hard. You are 100% equipped for what is ahead of you, whether that be a crazy test or other things in your life. Be assured and rest in the peace that the Lord will not give you anything you cannot handle, and He is at your side to help you. His yoke is easy and burden is so light. Lean on Him, or maybe even just give Him a little more thought in the craziness that is college life!

     6. Retail Therapy

And if all else fails…go shopping. We’ve got so many cute new pieces up on our site so if you do need some retail therapy, we have you covered!

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