Hey everyone!
We are beyond excited to announce our new Life At The Top Podcast! This podcast isn't about fashion. Instead, we get to know the customers behind the brand and hear their stories of living life outside their comfort zone. Get ready to be inspired, laugh and hear journies of women you can relate to.
This week we have made two episodes live to get to know me (Ashley, the owner) and our first guest!

In my episode, I talk about the journey of launching Everest & Co. - lots of ups and downs! I explain how I came up with the name and what Life At The Top means to me!
Listen to Episode 001: Meet Ashley - The Owner of Everest & Co. here:


The next episode is with Taylor Wallace who is a health and beauty blogger from southern California. Taylor shares her story of how she moved half way across the country, overcame an eating disorder and learned to listen to what her mind and body need. Through this tough journey, Taylor wanted to create a platform to help other women who might be going through the same thing. Taylor started Love Inside And Out, a health and beauty blog that promotes love from the inside out.

In this episode, you will learn the value of authenticity on social media, how to quit a job in order to focus on your passion, and how to learn to remove doubt and be confident in yourself and your story.
Listen to 002: Meet Taylor - From Learning Self Love to Becoming A Health and Beauty Blogger here: 

Let us know your thoughts on the podcast! We will be releasing a new episode every other Wednesday. If you want to be on the podcast just email me at info@everestandcompany.com!


May 03, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

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