I’m baaaaaaack!! Did ya miss me? Well, while I was brainstorming ideas for this post, I couldn’t get my mind off the new fall dresses and I've become literally obsessed with both! They are the perfect dresses for fall weather and my goal was to showcase them so you’d fall as in love with them as me. So I grabbed my pretty friend and headed off to Nashville to try to do these dresses justice!

foral fall dress dress boutiques
The September Dress is what I would call, a fall essential. While dresses may seem fancy and can make you look put together, honestly they take no thinking at all. You just throw it on and bam, you have an entire outfit. Pop on a pair of booties or your favorite wedges and people will be in awe of your appearance. Olive is one of my favorite fall colors so this dress is perfect. While some can argue that floral patterns are for summer, the warm tones of the floral print make this dress cozy and perfect for a brisk fall day.

blue floral maxi dress
Okay, can we please talk about the Maddie Dress?!? I didn’t think it was possible to fall so in love with a single dress. Honestly, everything from the style to the color is perfect. I love that this is a muted blue floral print maxi dress. Blues can be cold and “wintery” or vibrant and bright for summer. Before this dress, I would have NEVER thought of blue as a fall color, however, this perfect muted color gives the blue a warm undertone that keeps it cozy for fall. Not to mention, long dresses like this with the leg slit and the tie waist are so in right now. My girl Sydney rocks this casual maxi dress like no other. All I can say is, if you don’t snag this dress this season, WYD?!?!?

Let me see how you rock these dresses this fall!!!! Tag us on Instagram or facebook so we can see these dresses put to action. I can’t wait to see what ya’ll do with these. I hope I have made you fall as deeply in love as I am!


October 19, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

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