We absolutely love that women are taking to the internet and blogs as a creative space to share fashion, advice and inspirational stories. We wanted to start spotlighting some women who support Everest & Co. so that you all can add them to your "blogs to keep up with" lists!

gray knot dress

Joanna is the beauty behind The Cup Of Jojo, a blog about fashion, local spots to check out and even short stories. We love the mix of content on Joanna's blog and each week you'll definitely want to catch up on what she has curated lately!

Her passion for local and small businesses is much appreciated! We have loved getting to know Joanna and can't wait to keep up with all her adventures. Not to mention, she looks AMAZING in our Marissa Dress pictured above!

Check out her blog www.thecupofjojo.com and her Instagram @jlizette - go show her some love ladies!

November 09, 2017 — Ashley Wilson



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