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We have had such great feedback about our summer collection with former Miss Arkansas Abby Floyd, and I just wanted to give y'all a glimpse of how the collection came to be!

Rewind To February

Abby reached out to us about doing a potential collaboration together in the middle of February. She just so happened to be in Nashville that week, so I emailed her back and we decided we had to grab coffee and chat about collab ideas!

I have always had the idea to do a full collection for a season with an influencer or blogger, but the stars never aligned to actually do it. I told Abby about the idea and my vision of what it could be, and she immediately loved it and we started brainstorming.

I was so excited I literally created the logo for the collection a month before we had even bought the clothes. Logos are my favorite thing to do and we loved how it turned out!

Fast Forward To April

I headed to market in April in Atlanta and Abby graciously agreed to be glued to her phone for the next two days as I sorted through hundreds of brands and looks to send her for her line. Thanks to the power of technology, we literally created this collection all over the phone which was perfect since Abby's work schedule keeps her busy and traveling!

Over the next two days, we narrowed down the collection and all we had to do was wait for them to arrive!

Now It's May

It took about a month for all of her pieces to arrive from market and then the real planning began. I ordered special price tags for the collection and we started reaching out to photographers in Nashville for the photo-shoot.

I sent Abby some of Rachel Deeb's work and Abby immediately was set on Rachel. We scheduled the shoot for the next week and locked down the launch date of May 26th! 

The photo-shoot was amazing and the weather was perfect! (Those who live in Nashville know that May is humid, hot and usually rainy so we really lucked out!) We went over to an area called 12th South first and got some really cool lifestyle photos. We then drove out to Antioch and found a great field to take photos in. Apple & Oak let us borrow these amazing rugs for the shoot and we used a lot of them out in that field. We wrapped up the shoot in the Gulch and our hearts were happy and we were all ready for a nap!

Crunch Time

I then scheduled my stock photo shoot (fun fact: I take the majority of my stock photos myself!) with the lovely Jessica who is just a dream to work with. We actually shot the whole summer line in about 4 hours in addition to Abby's collection - we cranked it out!

I edited the photos, uploaded them all to the site and then we were ready for launch day!

I also created some graphics for some teasers for Instagram and Instagram stories and then the rest is history!

I thought it would be cool for y'all to hear how a collaboration like this came together over the course of 3 months and all the little steps in the process. Abby was a complete joy to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better first collaboration line. Thanks for all your love for this line so far! If you want more posts like this about the behind the scenes let me know!

All my love,


June 05, 2017 — Ashley Wilson

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