Hey everyone! Long time, no chat.

I wanted to pop in and talk a little about my plan and goals for 2019. I reached a lot of personal goals and business goals in 2018 and I'm so excited for what is all to come.

In 2018, I picked out the word SHINE. I wanted to shine more in my business and share who I am with the world online. I feel like I really accomplished that and got over my fears of judgment or comparison.


For 2019, I've picked the word CONSISTENT.


Yes, I want to be more consistent with Everest related things like Try On Tuesday (which I LOVE doing) and writing more blog posts, but I also want to be consistent in other areas of my life!

I have been focusing a lot on fitness as my wedding is coming up in April! I want to maintain my progress and stay consistent even after the big day is over. I know so many people set fitness or health goals in the new year, but they usually disappear by the end of February. I have done this so many times, but am grateful that I've found a workout routine that I actually enjoy - weight training! I never thought I'd enjoy weight training and I just assumed I'd have to do hours of cardio each week to see results. Not true at all! I know that I'll be able to stay more consistent with this routine because I enjoy it and I love that it challenges me.

A huge area I want to focus on is organization! I again go through phases where I declutter and clean like crazy, all for it to be a mess a week later. I want to really be consistent with a routine and making sure everything has a place. Having a clean house and work environment really helps me focus! I like to think that since I'm creative, that is why I'm not very organized, but I know that there is discipline behind it. I want to make sure that it is a priority each week and to stay on top of it!

I really love picking a word out for each year. This helps you weave in your resolution all year long and gives your year kind of a "theme." Then, at the end of the year, you can see how much you incorporated that word into your year!

What word are you going to pick?

I'd love to hear! Send me a message on Instagram @everestandcompany and we can chat about our 2019 goals!


Wishing you all a happy and healthy year ahead!



January 02, 2019 by Ashley Wilson

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