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Behind The Line: Abby Floyd Collection

Hey everyone! We have had such great feedback about our summer collection with former Miss Arkansas Abby Floyd, and I just wanted to give y'all a glimpse of how the collection came to be! Rewind To February Abby reached out to us about doing a potential collaboration together in the middle of February. She just so happened to be in Nashville that week, so I emailed her back and we decided we had to grab coffee and chat about collab ideas! I have always had the idea to do a full collection for a season with an influencer or blogger,...

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Meet Abby - Episode 004: Life At The Top Podcast

Hey everyone! Our fourth episode of our Life At The Top Podcast is now live!       Today, we meet Abby Floyd who was recently Miss Arkansas and made it all the way to the top ten at last year's Miss USA pageant. Abby also teamed up with Everest & Co. to launch her new summer clothing collection full of bohemian-inspired styles. Abby shares how she learned to never give up while competing in pageants, the stigma that might come along with the pageant world and how she found her best friends in the girls competing beside her. Abby is...

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Meet Nicole - Episode 003: Life At The Top Podcast

Hey hey! It's podcast day! Episode 3 is now live and today, we meet Nicole Burkhardt who has conquered the scary task of moving to new cities where she didn't know anyone. Nicole shares her story of how she decided to take a leap and leave everything she knew after college for a job in North Carolina. But she didn't stop there, she then moved to Columbus with her brother and they started a hilarious food podcast called IBSIBS. All throughout this journey, Nicole has had a long distance relationship and she gives advice about how to make it work despite...

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Real Talk: Fill Each Other's Buckets

The other day I was walking across the Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Nashville and a pregnant mother with three kids was walking towards me. The little girl was trying to keep up and called her brother a loser. The mom immediately said, “Don’t call your brother a loser. Fill each other’s buckets. Don’t make people feel less.”

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Real Talk: We Need A Break

We are all so hard on ourselves. We tell ourselves we need to get up early and workout before work or class, then be our best and kick ass during the day all while criticizing ourselves for still not being good enough. It is so hard to do this day in and day out without just feeling mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

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